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Welcome to Save Your Rights

The world is faced with numerous difficulties each day; global warming, wars, poverty, and of course a steady up rise in financial predicaments. Among these issues are those that have not gained enough awareness or recognition over the years; the rise of inequality and hate crimes, forced marriages, slavery and child related abuse; injustices against the human rights of individuals across the globe.

We live in a world where these problems are ignored or brushed under the carpet, people choosing to avoid the issues faced regularly by citizens rather than dealing with it. This impacts negatively on those affected by such acts, they need a voice and a cause willing to help them, and Save Your Rights strives itself on being an aid to human rights and to those who have suffered from acts that go against human conduct.

Many individuals on a daily basis face hardships and cruelty, feeling as though they have to fear the world and have to do what has been decided for them, whether that be working without fair pay, choosing a life partner not of their own liking, dealing with racism and inequality within a society that has supposedly evolved. It is unfair to be subjected to these difficulties, and oftentimes it can be found that victims will repress themselves and decline from society, believing that there is no help or way out. No-one should feel that they are helpless, and day by day the Government is also attempting to find ways to overcome and end these issues.

But they are not things that can be solved or even obliterated overnight, it takes time and dedication and the support of those who wish to help end the struggle.

Human rights can and does vary widely, every one equally as important as the last. They do not simply affect the individuals but those around them. Listed below are merely some of the issues people have to go up against every single day.

Modern Day Slavery can destroy self-esteem, people often forced into working in unfair conditions to mass provide goods, to compromise their beliefs and prostitute themselves just to survive financial issues. Little care is given to victim’s dilemma, the pay just as dire, leading to constant distress and fear as oftentimes with such cases people are threatened and abused if they do not abide by the rules or do the job.

Inequality & Hate Crime can induce paranoia and fear, people facing discrimination of all kinds every day; racism, disability, sexuality, gender, religion. They are not just occurrences in the street, but happen within the workplace, neighbourhood, within the education system, even when visiting a local shop. Individuals in these conditions will find that they feel outnumbered and hated, abused for something they should feel no shame in having or being. Threats are issued, sometimes even resulting in physical harm to those who are being discriminated against. Inequality takes society several steps back in evolution rather than forward.

Child Abuse is derogatory and can force a child to decline from humanity due to the distress that has been imposed on them. Forms of abduction, neglect, physical, verbal and emotional abuse are widespread and common occurrences, and leave a child feeling helpless and alone, they will view the world as inhuman, and believe that all doors are closed for them. And if affected badly, children in these cases can be left damaged and with behavioural issues from a tender age. They are robbed of innocence and brutalised, and in most instances family and friends being the culprits of such acts.

Forced Marriages can destroy families, and harm the mental state of those forced into them. There is no love or support within these bonds and in many cases end in a desperate search to terminate the marriage. Victim’s feel a sense of obligation to those close to them and are thus coerced into something they are not happy with, moulding to their wishes and choices rather than their own. All of this can derail trust and induce a great deal of unhappiness for all involved.

As a community we surely would not want people to suffer and feel as though they are alone, but instead bring their plight forth and help them as best we can, try to prevent these issues from continuing. We are always urging like-minded people from all kinds of backgrounds across the world to support our work in ending this inhuman practice, to make society itself a better place to live in and provide hope to those who may feel trapped. Please help us to build a brighter future and make a difference.