Equal Space, Access and Facilities for Women & Disabled

“Equal Space, Access and Facilities for Women”

This new SYR campaign intends to address this widely accepted inequality and end the discrimination against women and the disabled which is acted out by religious institutions or society in general.

Any prayer house, social or community centre should have equal space, access and facilities for women and disabled people. Without the aforementioned aspects, no prayer house, social gathering centre or community centre should be accepted as a place for all. It is not.

Local Government should act with more responsibly during accepting a planning permission to assure that all members of the community can have equal access to such institutions. They should not be purely operated by one gender and exclude others. Yes, it can be for a religious group or certain community, but not built for only one gender. Equally disabled people, regardless of the gender, should have same rights.

SYR would like to try and change this within the communities and religious groups. If needed, the central Government should legislate or give guidelines to appropriate authorities in order to ensure no woman or disabled person is discriminated against or denied access to a religious institution.

SYR respects religious values, a gathering may have gender segregation, but it should have equal access, space and facilities for all.




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