Help and Information

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If you are in danger or need help about Forced Marriages please follow the links provided below:

Save Your Rights (SYR) Helpline:
Call/Text: +44 (0) 7988 841 228
E mail: [email protected]


National services (UK)

Police 999 in an emergency, 101 non-emergency case or look in the phone book for your nearest police station.

Forced Marriage Unit:
FMU is dedicated to preventing British nationals being forced into marriage overseas. If you are worried that you might be pushed into a union you are unwilling to be in or are worried about someone else who may face this situation, you should contact them on – 020 7008 0151 (or 0044 20 7008 0151 if you are overseas).

Other Links & UK Embassies:


Dhaka (00880) (2) 8822705
Sylhet (00880) (821) 724695

What About After Office Hours?

In cases of genuine emergency requiring immediate out of office hours assistance, the British High Commission Duty Officer can be contacted via Mobile Telephone Number +8801713143004


Chennai (0091) (44) 42192151
Mumbai (0091) (22) 6650 2222
New Delhi (0091) (112) 6872161


Islamabad (0092) (51) 2012000
Karachi (0092) (21) 5827000

For High Commissions, Embassies and Consulates in other countries, please visit the FCO website,

Other Links

1. Sylhet City Corporation. Consultation and Divorce service.

2. Bangladesh High commission, London. Information and Divorce.

3. The Islamic Sharia Council, UK. Divorce and Sharia.

4. Rapid Action Battalion. Special Police in Bangladesh.

5. Bangladesh Police.

Are You Being Forced Into Marriage?

If you are being forced into marriage either in the UK or abroad, or are already in this situation and seeking help, you can contact Save Your Rights (SYR) or the Forced Marriage Unit (FMU) for confidential help and advice.

The Forced Marriage Unit is a Government organisation which exists to help those who are being forced into marriage. We deal with about 400 cases a year, so our advisers understand the issues, the family pressures and how difficult it is to talk about these situations. We offer support and information on your rights and what you can do. We will not contact your family.

If you are in immediate danger of harm or being taken abroad against your will, call the police on 999.

Marriage: It’s YOUR Choice

Marriage is something that most of us dream of happening, a special day to celebrate. But for some people, marriage can be seen as a an endless nightmare – when they are forced to marry someone against their will.

  • They might be threatened or beaten to make sure they get married.
  • They might be told that they are bringing shame on their family if they do not marry the individual chosen for them.
  • They may even be taken abroad, without any knowledge that they are going to get married, and is some cases may not be allowed to return home.

Forced marriage is a violation of human rights and it is seen in the UK as a form of domestic violence or child abuse. It can affect men and women, girls and boys, from every community. It is not only detrimental to the individual, harmful to their mental and physical health, but also to those close to them who do not wish to see them suffer but feel powerless to help.

What you can do if you’re Abroad

If you are a British national and are abroad and you realise that you are being forced into a marriage, you or a trusted friend should contact the nearest British Consulate, Embassy or High Commission ( for full contact details). They will contact the FMU in the UK, and staff will try to help you get out of the situation and back to the UK.

Is Someone you Know Being Forced into Marriage?

If you’re worried that someone you know is being forced into marriage, or may be taken abroad to be forced into marriage, please contact us for help and advice. All information is treated in confidence.

The more information you can give us, the better. For example, if you have a photograph, a passport number or contact details of where they may be staying, that can be of great help in finding the person.

Who Else can Help?

As well as the Forced Marriage Unit, there are a number of organisations that can give you confidential advice and information. More organisations are listed on the FMU website at